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What is the Apprenticeship Program?

We've created the apprenticeship program to help businesses in the industry, such as yours, deal with some of the most common problem in this post-pandemic reality: labour shortage (ex. staff recruitment/retention/turnover).
By offering your company the opportunity to become a sponsor and cover most of the academic expenses for one or more of our apprentices, you will gain valuable workforce from our students, for the duration of their academic years or even long after they've graduated.
Apprentices learn while working a part-time job during the semesters (applicable only for local partners) and having a full-time job throughout the rest of the year. Also, this does not only apply to our students, but it can also apply to your own, current or future, employees.
Let's invest together in the professionals of tommorrow - in transforming lives and growing young talent, offering students an affordable work & study experience and by bridging the gap between what schools teach and what experience brings.

Grow talent to last

Invest in the future of your company - take young, talented employees for your company and build them into loyal and experienced professionals, while developing the skills YOU want and need.

About our students

Here's what you can expect from our students:

Passionate about the industry in which they work & study

Interested in the activities that are specific to the industry

They work with pleasure at the job that they choose

Respectful towards their work environment and culture

Responsible and committed towards their workplace obligations

These traits and characteristics are evaluated during the Pre-selection (School selection) and Selection (Company selection) stages, both by the school and the company.

Benefits & responsibilities

What do you gain?

Solve your personnel issues

The student(s) who you choose to sponsor will stay with your company for at least the duration of their academic years (min. 3 years), helping you reduce turnover significantly.

Add fresh talent to your team

You attract young, passionate employees during the studies and well-educated graduates, who will develop the skills that you want and need for your company.

Smart long-term investments

Invest in loyalty and reduced turnover. Graduates will stay and grow together with the company who sponsored their studies by becoming loyal employees and sharing from an early stage your company’s culture.

Support the future of the industry

Students will become employees who are committed to the industry, who want to learn and grow while building a career with the company as a long-term goal.

What do we expect from you?

Respect the contract

Respect the conditions included in the work contract signed with the student.

Provide suitable working conditions

Offer the employment conditions required by the hospitality industry: medical tests, uniforms, health & safety procedures, and onboarding trainings.

Follow a schedule

Follow and implement the Annual Schedule agreed with the school and included in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You will learn more about this by contacting us directly.

Respect the payment plan

The student’s tuition fees must be paid for as discussed in the payment plan agreed with the school.

Commit to mentoring

Assign a Mentor from the Hotel who is responsible for the student’s schedule, on-the-job training, and evaluation, as well as communication with the school’s mentor.

Need more info?

For more info on how to become an Apprenticeship partner, reach out to our Career Office representative:

Mrs. Ana Leah

Career Office Manager

(+40) 751 805 903