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Education is valuable, and value can’t come without a cost. But this shouldn’t mean that it should not be accessible. Our approach is: we can’t waive the cost, but we can find meaningful employment for you, so you won’t just cover tuition, but also gain income.

To achieve this, we alternate study and work periods, we choose hybrid higher education models and we work with just the right university partners and host companies. This way, by the end of the study program you will have gained a good education, a degree from a British or European University, plenty of work experience and money in your bank account.


If you're passionate, you can make it happen

No matter how much money you have or don’t have, you can afford our study program - if you’re willing to work your way through.
It doesn’t include subsidized tuition and gratuities on public services but instead it focuses on creating earnings that would cover the cost of tuition and turn profit for each student. It also makes our students financially independent at a young age and gives them the chance to rely on themselves, to be high achievers in life and to become the next strong pillars of our economy and society.
We drive a high-value model, which is opposite to the low-cost model usually followed by traditional public higher education institutions. It has been designed so quality international higher education would be accessible to a variety of students coming from different social environments.
Students taking placements provided by AHA should be able to at least cover their tuition expenses by the end of Internship 3.
Tuition & Earnings


Our undergraduate program offers more freedom and options than ever. Find out what choice is best for you.
Tuition & Earnings


See how the included internship helps you get the degree you need in our upgraded postgraduate journey.
Tuition & Earnings


Skip the Bachelor Degree and go straight to the Master's. See how this impacts your costs and earnings.